3 March 2007

I was stationed on Hittadu (that's how we spelt it!) 1970/71 and was a spectator at the 20th Football Tournament. It was a long time ago and I don't remember much except we walked from the RAF camp to the football ground and it was the first time we were allowed to go that far.

I came back for a holiday last August and some of you may remember me with my video camera and bike. You can see some of my video at

It hurts me to see some of the negative comment about the RAF leaving Gan. We loved the Maldives and the Maldivians and we still do. You should realise that decisions are made by greater beings than us mere mortals. You may have read lately about the Ministry of Defence refusing to protect the RAF Hercules C130 aircraft from enemy bullets igniting the fuel tanks. A plane caught fire killing the crew of 10. These are the people who make such decisions!

Long may you prosper.

Ray Barber

20 January 2007

Nizam here from tokyo,very good website,glad to know about the site from a friend and i am happy to locate some old pics of my relatives.

greetings from Japan


3 January 2007

Today only I have seen the site of Feydhoo and its a good work done by a Feydhuan and on behalf of SIFA an NGO of feydhoo and personaly myself, we congratulate u and the team for your work to maintain and keep aware of whats happening in feydhoo and its people.

Mohamed Faisal

21 August 2006

the artice about the "greek Boat" is a worthwhile piece of writing..I heard about the Greek Boat disaster as a kid, but was never bothered to get the

Thank you

Mohana Tugh

6 August 2006

the family trees you have included in the site have serious oversights of key members and misrepresentations... check them out...

Mohana Tugh

Webmaster: Please be more specific. Send us your corrections and suggestions. We will update accordingly.

14 June 2006

Am so happy that the the website is being updated and upgraded with new stuffs.

I am the one who sent u once an aerial photograph and a directory of feydhoo. hope u would remember.

I am trying to do an analysis regarding the recent developments of feydhoo, am now collecting the required data. I will try to analyse where we are lagging behing and many other changes, Insha Allah. I may sometimes need a help from you to post a form in the website, to be filled and submitted by Feydhuans who are outside the island.

Thanks for you and your colleges who are doing this great work.

bye for now

Mohamed Rafiu

14 June 2006

The effort you are putting to keep the site up and updated is commendable...

But, one obervation I have made, which i beleive is note worthy, is teh site
has lots of photos...specially that of Feydhoo School, but lacks
information. How about inlcuding profiles of the guys who played for far as I know most of thm are still around...You seemed to obsessed
with Udhuhey Mufeed..and I have no qualm.....but what about guys like.Labeeb
saeed, about an interview of pople like Fuad, Fahmy (ali Fahmy
Ahmed)..who served to educate the people of feydhoo....development of
Aneeseee maktha..makuthab ul islamee..Feydhoo School...a story of pre-RAF
era of life was like during the time...


Mohana Tugh

31 May 2006

What does the abbrevaited letters DNC stand for....I have asked this
question to a number of people, but they all seemed to have short memories.

Now, what does DNC stand for?...according to one of the articles in your site, it is Delightful Neighbours Club, but i have also come across a refernce made to DNC as Dilligence Neighbours Club in the very same site. My presumption is either of those writers is wrong....

One general comment on the not keep foreign news links which are is better not to have those links, if you cannot keep them
current and relevant.

Keep up the good work.


Mohana Tugh

Webmaster: Please read this.

25 March 2006

I also very interested for this site and there was my uncle and grandfather pix and I'm very happy to see this! So thank you for making this!

Katrin Naseem








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